Sunday, September 26, 2010

All Moved... Even had a few Sales

We have moved completely into our house and are loving it. We signed the papers on the 15th, but were actually able to move in at the beginning of the month. No more apartment living! We have been lucky with furniture as well. Our apartment was not large enough for even a small dining table, so when we were presented with a house with an actual dining room and a large enough living room to add a kitchen table, we thought we would have a problem. But, family came through for us. My husband's grandmother gave us the dining table she had in her house, which she no longer had room for when she moved into the duplex. So we have heirloom family furniture in our dining room now, though the chairs need to be reupholstered. For our kitchen, my husband's dad and step mom gave us their kitchen table because they had gotten a new one. We need to get cushions for the seats, but that's where I've been doing most of my creating.

Since we've moved, I've also gotten into chainmaille. My projects have included full Persian bracelets in copper, a bronze turkish round bracelet, and aluminum half persian 4 in 1 bracelets. I also have a chunky copper keychain in the sandworm (B8FP) weave, which I absolutely love. I have also made my daughter a length of half persian 4 in 1 in large pink anodized aluminum rings to keep her occupied while I work on my latest project. My last order of rings from The Ring Lord came in with some exceptionally tiny rings in bright aluminum and turquoise anodized aluminum. They are 20g (AWG) 3/32" with an AR of 3. Yay for a teeny tiny Jens Pind. It's taking a while to finish this, but I really want it as a necklace chain for a gift for Christmas.

My next order of rings will be in a sufficient size to make a copper dragonscale bracelet. I've wanted to tackle dragonscale since the first time I saw it. It is literally the weave that gave me the chainmaille fever. I sincerely want to make a bracelet in sterling and gold-fill with the dragonscale weave, but I want to make one out of copper as practice.

Here is a picture of my Jens Pind project, with a penny for size reference:

I made it about twice the length it is in the picture and then held it up and discovered that I had messed up at about this point, and so had to take it apart back to this length. But that's the nature of learning. Make mistakes. I just bet I will hate this weave by the time this is necklace length, but I also bet it will be well worth all the headaches. :)

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