Saturday, June 5, 2010

Guerrilla Advertising

I know I need to make fliers and leave them in places that allow me to. I also need to hurry up and get business cards and leave them in random places, too. However, I don't have the money to get business cards right now and I have no idea how people are getting these free business cards all over the place. If you know the secret, let me in on it.

This is not, however, the guerrilla advertising I am referring to. I went to BestBuy today and had an idea. It was a total *bing* moment when that little light came on over my head. We were at BestBuy looking at appliances and I suddenly realized that, "Hey! BestBuy has COMPUTERS!" So I wandered over and lo and behold, they had 4 iPads. I've never played with the iPad before. Ever. I'm not really interested in them all that much, though I would love to have the iPhone. I don't like the hype about them and that they're the "next big thing." But that's just me.

Anyway, I digress. They had 4 of these buggers all lined up in a row. I got on one and checked my Etsy shop and answered a conversation. Then it hit me - I could leave them all to where when someone got online on them, they would automatically be looking at my Etsy and Zibbet shops. This, my friends, is guerrilla advertising. Someone would be going to that iPad and looking and the moment they got online with it they would be looking at my shop. I did leave them to where they would be looking at my more popular items, and I did this with almost no prior planning. If I happen to actually get a sale through this, all the better, though I have no clue how I would even tell if I got a sale directly from doing this.

I am that person that goes from computer to computer in BestBuy and changes things on the computer or just plays with them. I have been known to go from one to the other and change the wallpapers on them to something more appealing than the stock images they use on the display units. I've even had one of the clerks follow me around because apparently what I was doing was suspicious. Ha! Who, me? This may be a frowned upon way to advertise, but hey, I've gotten on those computers and had to sign out of someone else's Facebook or something like that.

Well, that's it for now. I hope, at the very least, that you got a decent chuckle out of this post. :)

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