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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cake in the Mail?

Every once in a while I see that one thing and I think to myself, "Why didn't I think of that?" This is one of those times.

On the front page of Etsy, I rarely actually see something that piques my interest. Lately, though, I have seen several things and added several new shops to my favorites list.

One of those new favorites is this totally AWESOME keyboard from WoodGuy32 on Etsy. He handmakes these himself, and if the pictures are any indication they are worth the price if your office is in this style and you need that extra something.

Another item I found to be extremely awesome was this Cake Mail from TangBaby. I would buy these just to see the look on the post master's face when I tried sending it through the mail.
The description on this item is priceless and made me laugh and share it with my husband. I plan on buying one for my mother in law for her birthday later in the year.

The last item today is some soap. Now, I'm a liquid soap from the grocery store kind of girl, but when I saw this soap I decided I may be a handmade convert. The folks at DECAcandle have ingeniously named this particular soap "Butt Naked". It is a multi-color block of clean goodness and is said to smell like banana and berries. I have not tried it yet since I'm broke, but I fully intend to buy some in the near future. They also have a raspberry jasmine spice soap called "Lick Me All Over." I must admit, I hearted this soap for the name alone and then fell in love with the description.

I do fully intend to purchase some of these items, such as the soap or the postcard cake, and post a more in depth review of them. For now, though, this is just some of the finds I stumbled across on Etsy. The Cake Mail and keyboard were both on the front page in the last few days, and the soap I found by going to a shop from the forums.

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