Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thinking of a New Venture

Don't worry, I won't stop making jewelry. That's just too much fun for me. However, I have a nice harness for my dog. It is reversible and heavy duty and does NOT strangle him when I pull on his leash. I made it with our last Sheltie (RIP Hatchet) and it has survived until now. It is made with parachute-type material that I got on sale somewhere and heavy duty nylon webbing. I used velcro, and it's awesome.

I was thinking that Etsy doesn't have many useful dog items. I'm not going to make beds or anything, so that's out of the question. But I sure can make some more of those harnesses in many sizes and colors/patterns for those of us that love to dress our fuzzy friends up but don't want to look like a fool doing it. I'm looking at you, Paris. Dressing your dog up. Pffft. I also used a large D ring for the leash connect, which is awesome because Chaos outgrew his collar so all his tags are on the harness. Not bad since even off leash they're still on there, but he doesn't jingle when he's walking through the house or running up and down the stairs.

Here's our guy. He's 3 years old, full-bred registered Sheltie that everyone thinks is a girl. He's a big pansy, but great with the baby.

I'll have to get shots of him in his harness and talk to the hubs about getting supplies and "borrowing" my moms sewing machine. Of course, I will then have to figure out how to USE the sewing machine. Can't be too hard, right? Heh.

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