Monday, May 24, 2010

More Stuff I Like

Ok. So I'm not off my soap box yet, but I promise it's slowing down. This first one is just too cute to pass up, though, so here we go.

All That Glitters by KML on Etsy makes these adorable little soaps. I have them hearted for later consumption... er... use. A friend of mine, when I sent her the link to the shop, said she would buy some just to see how many people tried to eat them in the bathroom. I told her that wouldn't work because she would be tired one day and forget, and eat it herself. She laughed, and good times were had all around. But for those of us that love to soak in the tub with a good bath bomb, this is just the treat for us.

I don't know about the rest of you girls out there, but I am constantly looking for that next great bed set for my bedroom. Since I live in an apartment right now, curtains and bedclothes are really the only ways for me to express my style in the place. If we paint, it has to be a shade light enough that they can cover it with a light coat of off-white when we move. That is not at all conducive to the artistic side of me, so we have left them blank. This next item is a handmade duvet cover that I think would make an awesome edition to that adult hide-away-at-home. Design Your Home's shop on Etsy is loaded with amazing handmade duvet covers. Read the announcement, descriptions, and shop policies for info on how to get the whole set. Their prices are actually much more reasonable than big box stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They use 100% cotton, and I wold love to have a removable duvet cover that I could wash easily. I've melted the batting in enough of the store bought comforters in my dryer to know that a zipper would make it that much easier. Considering I have a Cali king size bed (my hubs is a giant) finding quality bedding that is affordable is a GODSEND.

This last bit is for those other jewelers out there. I don't use a lot of lampwork beads in my designs. I honestly don't have many ideas when I see the beads. However, when I did a search for lampwork sellers on Etsy and saw these babies, I had to post them here. I absolutely love hibiscus flowers. My husband has no say in it, but when we finally get into a house there will be at least two hibiscus trees in the front. I love them that much, and Texas weather is surprisingly conducive since our winters are mild. Kyoto Studio Lampwork Beads on Etsy has an amazing selection of beads, but these caught my eye real quick.

Check out all these great shops on Etsy! :)

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