Friday, May 21, 2010

Yet Another Creator Feature.

I've featured soap and various other crafted items on this blog and it's time for something new. No, this doesn't mean I'm off my soap box. Not yet. Maybe not ever. It's an addiction, and, I have to go to, like, meetings and shit... but I digress. Today I'm going to share with you the fine art of glass. It's not all blown glass, so I can't say it's glass blowing. :)

This first photo is a set of blown glass pitcher plants. These little buggers in real life catch water and produce a sap that is just irresistible to little bugs everywhere. This sap is also a digestive fluid and slicks up the side of the plant something awful. The little bug goes in, but the little bug does not come out. They struggle and struggle, but inexorably they slide down the inside of the plant to be digested. Yep, a carnivorous plant. Have no fear, though, there is no chance outside of a controlled situation where these guys could get big enough to eat you. These beauties can be found at the shop of Wolf Art Glass. The picture itself links to the actual listing. You also don't have to worry about these babies eating any bugs in your house. Unless you have spiders. Spiders might like to reside in them and eat the bugs, making it seem as though your newly acquired sculpture is indeed alive and eating bugs. I could, however, see these on my bar in my apartment, holding irises and orchids or some other exotic flower. They are that beautiful, and are truly inspired by nature.

Clearly, I like glass in many bold colors. First, the pitcher plants in bright green and brown, and now this amazing vase in red, purple, and white. If you have the immaculate house I dream of with that empty niche in the wall right by the front door that is just begging to be filled, this may just be that focal piece you're after. Handblown by Glass Happy Studios this is sure to be the eye catcher in any collection. Again, the photo links back to the Etsy item listing.

And now, I know I have been a bit verbose at times in this post. I get that way. It's a character flaw, I just know it. Sometimes I wonder, though, what blogs would have been like a couple hundred years ago. I think Glasmagie figured it out. We would have been writing on papyrus or leather hide with this gorgeous glass pen dipped in an ink well. My journals would have been messy, no doubt. Full of ink splotches to rival Rorschach.

Please understand that making glass is not perfect. Don't get mad if you order a glass piece and there's a bubble in it. I don't know how to work with glass, but I'm pretty sure it's hard to get rid of a bubble or two without scrapping the whole project. Also remember some bubbles are intentional and add to the uniqueness of the piece. It is my humble advice that if you order a glass piece made, pay the extra cost for the best shipping available. It will be well worth it when your new addition arrives in pristine condition and not just as fragments in the bottom of the box.

Until next time...

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