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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Undiscovered on Etsy

It takes a lot of bravery to put your items on Etsy, or EBay, or in a craft show to sell. While craft shows are always so much fun, even the bad ones, it is my opinion that it is harder to sell online than in person. After all, at a craft show or in a shop the customer and see and touch the product being offered. That is not possible online, and I am beginning to understand the importance of stellar photos.

Anyway, I love the Pounce feature of Etsy. It allows you to see artists that have either just sold an item, or artists that have not sold an item. I like looking through the undiscovered artists, and today I found some great ones.

First, this quilt is from Quilted Arts by MJARE. I've always remembered having the big quilts on my bed that my granmothers made. I actually still have the quilt my mother made for me before I was born. At the time my parents weren't exactly wealthy so she made a patchwork out of washcloths. All those textures and colors, it is still my favorite quilt. So many people don't understand the hard work and sheer amount of time that goes into making a quilt of any size. I picked this quilt because it is one I would love to have for my daughter. I don't have nearly enough patience to make a quilt, so I would happily buy this from someone. Quilts are a work of art that need to be cherished and an artform that is all too often forgotten.

Another craft that takes a lot of time is the art of raising bonsai trees. For those of us not qualified or just lacking the time to grow a proper bonsai, we can go to a handful of specialized shops that make them out of various materials. Sure, you can get the one with plastic components that looks very close to being a real tree, or you can go to AksaBeading and get this exquisitely beaded bonsai.

However, if you have a young child or are about to welcome that little bundle of joy into your life, a decorative bonsai may not be the thing for you. Not unless you have some high shelves. When I had my daughter I wanted padded walls in my house and clouds for the floor so she wouldn't hurt herself. We can't all bring the sky down to pad our floors, so if you're not a Greek deity you can visit on Etsy and have a fit over this baby bedding. I know I did. It's a bit pricey, but look at all the cushioning! My husband insisted we have a bumper in the baby's crib. When he was a baby he almost died because his head was pushed up against the slats of his bed. As much as my baby girls moves at night, I am very glad I agreed to have a bumper. One moment she's at one side of the bed and a couple minutes later she's at the other end. It's kept us from taking the rails off her bed. I'm so scared she'll fall off in the middle of the night and get hurt. You won't have to worry about your baby getting hurt in the crib with this bedding. This is the Rolls Royce of handmade baby bedding, and I will definitely be visiting her shop when I have my next baby.

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