Monday, May 10, 2010

Displaying Your Personal Jewelry

I have one jewelry box, and in it is a bunch of costume jewelry, or some of my more favorite pieces that I have made. Since I don't wear jewelry I intend to sell, I will make a close duplicate or keep the first one that had something wrong with it. However, I have been known to sell it off my wrist or neck when asked in public... Embarrasses the living bejeezus out of my husband when I do it, too. :)

But that's beside the point. I think all women have some jewelry at home, and if they don't, they should. Jewelry has that all-healing power to make us feel better about ourselves when we adorn our bodies with it. I know I feel better just by throwing on a pretty bracelet with a pair of jeans and going to the supermarket. But I still have just the one dinky jewelry box my youngest brother gave me as a gift once. It's on of those with multiple drawers and a door on either side where you can hang chains. I love it.

But some of us have enough nice jewelry that we like to show it off a little bit, even when we're not wearing it. For those women that do, a jewelry stand is a great addition to the collection. Claudine's Limited makes jewelry stands, and even some that hang on the wall out of heavy gauge wire. They look like twisting trees and are quite decorative and easy on the eye. If you have several pieces of jewelry that are better displayed than stuffed away in a drawer, these displays are $35 and very affordable.

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