Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just When I Meant To...

I made yet another Viking Knit bracelet today. I *meant* to take pictures of the process, or at least take pictures of what the weave looks like before and after being drawn. Did I do it? Of course not. You must forgive me, I was watching a movie at the same time...

Anywho, the bracelet is not quite finished yet. I went to the shop today and got end caps for it, and walked out without a clasp. Yet again, I cannot finish a piece because of lack of something I would obviously need for it. Not to worry, though. I will go back to the shop tomorrow and get a clasp for it. The bracelet is about 7"-8" in length, I haven't measured it yet. It started out as 15 feet of 26 gauge sterling silver wire, and I wove it in the double weave so it's lusciously dense but still flexible.

The bracelet is unsupported. What does that mean, you ask? A supported viking knit bracelet has a heavy gauge piece of wire in the middle of it to help it hold its shape. You don't see the wire unless you look close, so it doesn't do anything to the aesthetics of the piece. An unsupported piece of viking knit does not have this extra wire in the middle. I may be turning out a set of bangles that will have this wire through the middle, probably in 12 gauge. That way I can finish them off with some end caps and maybe a couple bead dangles on the end, and that's it. The 12 gauge wire will be heavy and stiff enough to hold the bent shape of a bangle.

Another set I plan to come out with will be heavy gauge wire (again, probably 12 gauge) and will be wire wrapped with different beads. Give me some sales, and you'll probably start seeing more turquoise and malachite in my shop. *shamelessly begs for sales* That aside, I have many plans for things to be sold in my shop. Multi-strand necklaces and viking knit necklaces among them. Now I just need to find a silversmith to make me some Mobius strip links to incorporate into my jewelry and I will be a happy camper. Until I take classes or lessons I will not be able to make them myself.

Until next time, happy crafting.

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