Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lovin' It

I ordered a brocade drawstring bag from Lucy Moon Glow that is black with silver and gold accents. It came in a couple days after I bought it and it is exactly what I wanted. It's satiny and gorgeous and I plan to use it on a multi-strand pearl necklace I have planned. Since pearls are delicate, the satiny fabric of this bag will be the perfect as a free gift for the customer to store their necklace in. She let me know she would send it on Monday, and I got it on Monday because she was able to get to the post office earlier than she thought she would. So it was a nice surprise and very fast shipping. The bag arrived flat and wrapped in tissue paper with a nice thank you note. You gotta love great service like that and the person who takes to time to write thank you. I would recommend this shop to anyone in the market for a handmade drawstring bag.


I also ordered a clasp, link, and two slider beads to finish my leather bracelet. The bracelet in question is the leather and moss agate one in my shop. Since the moss agate is a very understated stone, I did not want to overpower it with an ostentatious clasp and hardware. I bought the clasp from Cathy Dailey and it is perfect. It arrived very quickly, same time as the bag I ordered, and was very well packaged to prevent the silver from possibly being dented or bent. A flat clasp would not have been a good thing, especially since when I ordered their caster was on vacation which would have made any problems on my end just that much worse. It did come with two packing peanuts to help fill out the envelope a bit that my daughter promptly tore into itty bitty pieces, but it wasn't anything my vacuum didn't fix. The service was great, too, since before I bought the pieces I had some questions and their answers were very quick. Great customer service is always a draw. If you need rustic looking jewelry supplies that are cast silver, this is definitely the place to go.

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