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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Full Product Review - Absinthe Sugar Body Polish - Wicked Soaps

Earlier I did a short feature on the Absinthe Body Polish by Wicked Soaps of Etsy. I mentioned how good the liquor smells and how absolutely disgusting it tastes.
Well, I am happy to say I was finally able to order myself this amazing soap. I must admit, Texas summer heat is not conducive to receiving this kind of product. My package arrived just fine but I picked it up from the office on the way to my mother's, which is 30-45 minutes away. The soap melted in transit. I know this because I could not wait to fill my nose with the aroma of anise and juniper and had to open it when I got to my mothers. It was liquefied but smelled amazing. I cannot describe this scent to you if you have never smelled Absinthe, so I recommend you go out and smell yourself some Absinthe.

When I got home, finally, after leaving my monster child with her Nana, I stuck the lovely concoction in the fridge. At this point, me and a friend went out to get ready for our night out, but that's a whole different story. We got home and she went up to shower and get ready and I took the now solid soap out of the fridge and went at it with a fork. When it was the frothy blueness that you see in the picture, I left it alone and put it on the kitchen counter for later deliberation.

Well, after a series of spectacularly unfortunate events I got to use this soap (just for the heck of it) before I even took a shower. My friend had to be carried into the apartment by my husband and myself and in the process I wound up with vomit on my hand and partway down my arm. Oh, yeah. I needed soap. In my drunken state, I took off my ring for my husband to rinse off while I took my shirt off so it didn't get dirtier than it already was. He dropped it down the disposal, so I got to dig it out. At this point I am thoroughly dirty so I reach for this wonderful soap. It's thick, it smells heavenly, and I swear it made the headache a little better just by smelling it.

This soap made my hands so soft and they smelled so good, that it made the 4 hours of sleep that I got before I got up to go pick up my daughter heavenly. I got my daughter and then I got to try the soap for the real deal. If it could make my hands that soft, what would it do to me if I put it on while I was nekkid? It did everything it had done to my hands, and more. This soap is seriously amazing, and the light scent lasted most of the day in our horrendous heat. The sugar acts as a great exfoliator and then melts into the overall mix of the soap. It rinses squeaky clean and doesn't make the floor of the shower slippery. As it turns out, however, due to a very unfortunate splash I discovered that this soap tastes just as disgusting as the liquor it's named after.

With all the joking and funny stuff aside, I seriously and highly recommend this soap to all of you. If you don't care for this scent, I'm reasonably positive that all of her other scents are just as tantalizing. This is a shop that will be in my favorites forever, or until the Earth disintegrates, whichever comes first.

Again, this cane be found at Wicked Soaps on Etsy.

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